Good Vibes ONLY.

Porchfest Winters
Returns in 2022

Porchfest Winters is BACK! Please join us for our 3rd annual live music stroll in downtown winters as we rally back from the dark and dreaded Covid times.

Porchfest is a live music stroll outdoors, typically nestled on downtown porches and spreads throughout the surrounding neighborhood. It started back in 2007 in Ithica, New York and immediately grew wings. After performing in Porchfest Napa for a few years, Sarah Madsen then brought Porchfest to Winters, knowing this beautiful community would absolutely fall in love.. 

This years event is slated to bring even more top level musicians and performers of all kinds right to our town! We'll have food trucks and live music all afternoon for your enjoyment. Be sure to follow the facebook page for live updates, opportunities to volunteer, participate as a performer OR to add your home to the footprint and HOST a band or two. Makes for an amazing good vibe/end of summer gathering at your place, out front! You don't need to live in the downtown to host as we're hoping the whole town comes alive.. You can even recommend a favorite band and request to host at the same time :) 

The website is currently undergoing a refresh but will be open for submissions in the next couple of weeks! Stay tuned!! and don't forget to follow Porchfest Winters on Facebook <3 Don't forget to save the date 9/18/2022!



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Porchfest is a Live Music Stroll where musicians and performers from all walks of life, both near and far, perform on porches. Vendors set up booths down Main Street, and there are Food Trucks. Porchfest Winters was founded in 2018 and organized by Sarah Shin Madsen and her hand picked volunteer committee. The very first Porchfest Winters had 16 porches and 21 bands. Proceeds from the event were donated to Winters Music Boosters.

Yes. It IS a FREE event.

Absolutely! This is a wonderful event for the whole family. There is sonething for everyone.

No. To keep with a family friendly atmosphere, alcohol will not be served, nor is it allowed on the event grounds.